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I've been here a whole year now...

...I feel like I should've done something, but I'm still so used to being inside, or having someone tell me what to do.. I'm only doing good at being quiet. I don't know why I'm here, I'm not a very interesting person to watch. I just stay inside all the time. I just started learning how to make shapes with paper...

If it's my black blood, they aren't doing anything with it...Only I can use it.

[After saying that, the boy has no choice, he should go outside. He'll walk around town, actually managing not to try and stay as far away from a person as possible. No, today he's walking around like everybody else, he even has his head up...just enough to see, and make sure he doesn't walk into a tree. But, walking around like that for too long isn't something he can manage.

Instead he makes his way to a bridge, and sits at the edge of the water....and starts setting little paper boats into the water, and watch them go. It may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but Crona looked decently pleased that those little boats aren't sinking, and it would seem like he found one hobby he's good at.]

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[Today Crona is trying to be normal, and take the advice of a few people. And it looks like he's going to say something for the first few moments....but then he takes a deep breath, and just stares at the book, not even realizing that the video function is on. He's really trying hard to say what he means...He does that a few more times, with his eyes going everywhere, until he takes one last smal breath before he starts talking pretty fast.]

I was told that a lot of people have hobbies here...And I was wondering if...if I could learn some. Any ones would be nice.

[And it cuts off rather quickly. He's never had to ask people something like that, and he doesn't have any way to deal with it.

Though a little later when he's not so freaked out when people start talking to him, he's finally doing the last thing on his list...Taking out Ragnarok at the edge of the village. Crona doesn't want to go inside, so it is really going to b e the best Ragnarok will get.

Crona can be found there, holding a long sword in an awkward mannor.  Probably in a position that would leave cuts on anybody else. He lets the sword yell and complain about everything, which is much less painful than in his head, and anybody that approaches crona will be on high alert, and shushing the sword so everything looks...relatively normal...or partly. The sword does have a large mouth on it....

This is Crona's normal day.

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[Today is quite a weird day for Crona. Normally he doesn't stay out long enough to bump into people, let alone this new thing. It was cloudy today so he thought not too many people would be out, but just in case there were, Crona made it a point to stay in the woods, just barely in sight of the village.

Usually that is enough to go unnoticed, but not today. Not by the animals at least. Crona is easily freaked out by small animals, and makes a pretty loud scream every time one is near him. But that's not his biggest problem. Nope, that would be the
tiny little bunny that's trailing him. And while his attention is mostly on that bunny, anyone can hear him nearby, yelling for the thing to go away, and tripping every so often because he's not looking at where he's going.

Eventually he gives in and goes into town, and hops on the edge of the fountain, and even chucking his journal at it (missing of course) but opening, though all that can be heard is 'go away' 'I haven't done anything to you' 'why are you following me' and many other things.

It's just very clear he's scared of a little bunny...]

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[Crona has been quiet for some time. As a child, he was quite content with finding a warm room, and taking a nap since it was so quiet without Ragnarok. But now, the reason for Crona's absence is due to embarassment. He said and did quite a few things that he wish he hadn't. So maybe it wasn't good he could walk around without Ragnarok telling him what to say or do.

But now, he's back to his older self, and Ragnarok is back, and mad. For a long time he had been quieted, and since Crona won't bring him out as a sword, he's having a very good yelling match inside of Crona's head. And with all the time he was in quietness, Crona has a very easy way to give him a horrible headache.

Today is the first day Crona actually wanted to go outside. Just hearing Ranarok is bad enough for Crona, who is holding at least one hand on his head at all times. And more than likely flinching whenever he passes someone in his line of sight...which will be just about everyone, with the way he's holding his head.

Eventually, once the noises around him start drowning out the voice in his head, he finally turns to his journal.]

Um...I'm sorry if I was confusing, or weird when I was young... [He's not aware of anything else to say. He can't apologize for being young...]  ...My name is Crona...I met a few people that didn't know who I was...
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[It's pure luck that Crona got dropped off in the village, but his luck ran out when it came to where he had been dropped off. Yep, he has the bad luck of being set down on a random roof. At first he tries his best not to panic, but after walking around on the roof for a few minutes, the tears were showing. He was really trying not to cry, because Ragnarok picks on him whenever he does...but for some reason, Ragnarok is being quiet. And it's very okay with Crona. He wouldn't be able to deal with his situation.]

He was lost, cold, and stuck on a roof! And eventually he can't stand it anymore, and will give a soft "Uhm.." to anyone that passes by, but speaking so softly, it's quite possible that he can't be heard. Then so many times of trying, he decides it's best to just talk to himself...mostly, but his journal has been on since he woke up.]

W-what am I supposed to do..? I c-can't get down...I wouldn't be able to deal with getting hurt...a-and it's a long way down.

Nobody can even hear me...and I'm really cold..

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[Normally, waking up to a small elf staring at you with unblinking eyes wouldn't freak out someone...but this morning, that someone was Crona, and seeing anything that was not in his room when he fell to sleep is creepy enough. But that loud, LOUD scream that could get anyone's attention comes from when the thing makes a point to start talking.

Dolls suddenly appearing in his room is one thing, but when it starts talking, then comes closer, it takes Crona all but a few seconds to completely lose it. He promptly falls backwards out of his bed, and right on his wings. (With a pained, but less annoying scream) But it doesn't take long for the little elf to find the journal might catch a few bumps and 'ow's' as he escapes under his bed, and towards the door with his journal in hand.

Throughout the day it is his goal to lose the creepy little thing that's following him. And he is still at the same level of freaked out as he was when he first woke up.]

Please leave me alone! I don't know how to deal with something like you following me! I haven't done anything bad since I got here, so please go away!

[His rantings about being followed will go on thrughout the day. Though he is easy to find...wondering around the town, trying to lose the little creepy elf in his white clothes, and without shoes. Anyone can find Crona yelling at the elf, running, screaming, or later in the day, with his ears and eyes covered in a corner once he's given up.]

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[The voice you hear over the journals is quiet, and slow.. Quiet enough that it almost sounds like he doesn't want to be heard, and slow enough that it sounds like he doen't even want an answer. But, curious enough that he wants answers.]

I have...two questions...

...How do people make friends? A-and how does someone not scare people away if they are just telling the truth?

[Once that is done and over with, Crona places his journal facing away from him. He's not sure if he wants the answers. But for the first time, he can be seen sitting in plain view of anybody out near the middle of the village. It's taken him quiet a while to stop hiding from anything that moves, and he doesn't like being completely alone anymore.

But that doesn't stop him from drawing circles on the ground with a stick. One around him, one around the journal, then other small ones because he has nothing better to do. No actual drawings come out of this, but he is pleased with himself.]

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[Crona has managed to stay out of the way of almost everyone since arriving. All one his own he's managed to find a place to sleep, where his clothes were, and where to find food to eat. All of which he normally does at night since almost nobody is wondering around the village at 3 in the morning.

He's even managed to keep Ragnarok as quiet as possible inside his head, though that could only last for so long. But today is the day he finally can't stand it anymore, and can actually be found around the village during normal daytime hours...starting at around nine-ish in the morning. While he is still trying to hide behind the trees, there are just some places he can't, and can be seen hurrying off to the woods.

Though not to many hours later, he's somehow mustered up the courage to speak over the journals.]

I uhm....oh no, this is bad...I-I sorry, but I might need some help.

...My head really hurts...

[That's all he wants to say. While he did manage to make it back to the village, he didn't make it where he wanted, and can be found laying in the middle of a pathway, looking like a bloody mess. (Or what looks like blood) His forearms have been sliced wide open, though the large cuts aren't bleeding at all, though rhwy look like they should.

Though that's not the big problem. The big problem is his face. It's extremely easy to see just about every vein since they are all pitch black. ]

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[Everything today was wrong. Waking up outside, wearing new clothes that definitely didn't belong to him, along with a random book that had he had found on his face that fell open as he sat up, and the fact that there was no Ragnarok twisting his nose to wake him up just so everything could be blamed on him. No, instead there was a screaming in his head, and every vein in his body aching. The most Crona could do was curl up in a ball, and put his hands over his ears to maybe mute the yelling...but with no effect.]

No, I'm sorry! I don't know why you can't come out! But please stop, it's hurting me!

[He lets out a pained noise as more yelling commenced inside his head.]

T-this isn't my fault! I don't know what's going on, I just woke up! I'm sorry!

[For a very long time  this conversation with himself goes on, Crona only apologizing, and not having any answers.

Although the argument finally does end, and when it does Crona is finally walking around. Although he has no idea where he's going, he will keep walking as long as Ragnarok tells him...the only time he does stop is when he hears any unnatural. Steps, talking, or the random branch falling. He hides as best as he can just in case it's something or someone threatening...]



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